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Paladins of Lore unite!

Welcome to Paladin Savior in 

Paladin Savior is a guild from the mmorpg AdventureQuest Worlds by Artix Entertainment. As the name suggests, it is a paladin guild but all other classes are welcome! One does not need much requirements to join us except interest. The guild is open for both members and non-members.
PlayFor Free!
We now have started updating the website every Friday so check-in with us every week! 
 This Weeks Updates:
  1. War Friday! *Check Forums*
  2. More strict about groups
 Want more action? Download the Paladin Savior toolbar thanks to member Van Diesel!
We are a legion (in other words a disciplined clan) from the browser-based mmorpg Adventure Quest Worlds by Artix Entertainment. As the name suggests, it is a paladin legion but all classes are welcome! (please contact Ria for Member Support)
You might ask "Why is a legion necessary for me? How does it differ from my friends list?" The answer is your friends are not always going to be available to help you out. You might be looking for bigger weapons which friends already have      or are too lazy to help farm for them. Maybe you and your friends may not be searching for the same thing! Legions (especially PS) help wherever needed! This is where a legion (at least us) comes in. 
Once you are among us, you can choose to come and fight alongside us..or not . No one is forced to do anything. (it is a free game after all! )
 Happy gaming everyone!  

Guild News

Guild needs your help

mack121998, Aug 9, 14 3:45 AM.
Hello all who is out there, it has been a year now and I started thinking to myself, and I think that I need to help save this guild with your support, as in signing up and being apart of this guild ;D , but even more get on aqworlds on the artix server in which I will be on at these times; 3:00-8:00PM on any of these next 3 weeks to help support the guild which will be coming back slowly my friends, next report will be in 2 days.

guild is gone

mack121998, Jan 15, 13 10:17 PM.
im sorry to inform all remaining paladin saviors or people who wood want to join up but today i make his to all we have been disbaned for about 6 months i find this fine to set this here in memory of paladin saviors a group of taco loving players that was disbanded but may return one day this clan was to made for fun to all players of aqw or new players i write this to all who can read on this day 1-15-13 so that we are not forgoten my name is mack121998 a admin of paladin savors who were once great at pvp and having fun i wish i could see my old guild friends once agan but we have risen up from aqw we may return one day or not but atlest i still know some of my guild friends who are still on  and so on let this be remember for days to come that we were an awsome guild.


Ria010, Jun 28, 12 2:29 PM.
New Alliance with The Duality!

derp derp derp derp derp derp

mack121998, Jun 12, 12 4:46 PM.

Yet Another Alliance

Ria010, Jun 6, 12 12:38 PM.
We now officially have an alliance with the Platinum Angels Clan!
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